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Clearview Stoves Norfolk
The heating season is upon us…..
Twin wall chimney fitted in Wells-next-the-sea
Twin wall chimney installation
And so it begins….


Clearview stove Wells-next-the-sea
Clearview Stoves Norfolk
Follow a professional installation of a Clearview stove carried out by James Isaac
Stove & Chimney lining Installation. Clearview stove
Stove and chimney lining installations in North Norfolk
Twin wall chimney installation
Wood burning stoves are a step towards sustainable energy independence
Wood stove and chimney lining norfolk
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Wood burning stoves are a step towards sustainable energy independence

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's that busy time of year again at James Isaac Stoves & Chimneys. What with frosty mornings and longer colder nights we now have limited availability for installations before Christmas. 

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas and a Healthy & prosperous New Year!
James & Marie Isaac

Sourcing & storing logs to burn on your wood stove.

Poppy Bday. Sailing & Work 178
Cut your wood to the right length, about 3" shorter than the fire box in your wood burning stove. Split your wood before stacking as it increases exposure to air which improves the drying process. It is always best to stack your firewood outside, preferably off the ground, with a cover or roof over or in a well ventilated barn/outbuilding where the air can circulate around the logs. Store the wood for at least 12 months.
If you don't already have a supply of wood fuel for this heating season you will need to make sure the logs you buy are dry and already seasoned to ensure your wood burning stove works as efficiently as possible.

Multi Award Winning Sustainable Home

Ravell & Co Ltd.
Visit their multi award winning home and learn the techniques to build a sustainable home without the need for a central heating system, ground or air source heat pump...... A house that wont cost the earth to run! They provide a bespoke course giving you the opportunity to tour their low energy home, see their innovative ideas and use their wealth of knowledge and advice to help you plan, build and construct your own dream, low energy home.
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